Too expensive to travel abroad? Opt for a staycation instead

Camille Patricot - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Since Brexit the pound has fallen to an all-time low and it’s become more expensive than ever to travel within the Eurozone. The value of the pound, flight prices and hotel costs are pushing ‘cheap’ holidays just that bit further out of reach. So, what’s the best alternative? A staycation, of course.

dog friendly hotel cotswolds

It seems like the best alternative for dog owners too. Travelling abroad is usually a bit of nightmare for people with pets; facing the choice between forking out for kennels or dealing with the palarver of doggy passports is less than ideal. Luckily, England is full of amazing places to explore, all perfect for singles, couples, families, and most importantly, dogs.

The dog friendly Cotswolds

Staying in the UK and travelling with your dog can be both cost effective and fun. Clearly, our number one destination has to be the glorious Cotswolds. Almost 800 square miles of rolling hills, country villages, market towns, and some of the country’s best pubs and restaurants.

That typical country way of life is present all over the Cotswolds, you can take your dog almost anywhere and the only traffic jam you get stuck in will most likely be caused by a farm animal. Whether it’s just a short break or an extended holiday, the Cotswolds make for a great time away, any time of year. It’s just made all the better for being able to share it with your dog.

Holidaying with your dog

It’s much easier than you might think, especially in the Cotswolds, and even more so at our dog friendly hotel. Just bring along a dog bed and some food and we’re sure you’ll all have a lovely time. Eating out with your dog won’t be an issue either, you can bring him/her into our bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It probably goes without saying, but you won’t have any issues finding places to walk either!

If you’re on the lookout for an idyllic, authentically British and dog friendly hotel in the Cotswolds, then come along and see us at The Amberley Inn. Get in touch here if you want to book a room.

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